29 June 2020

You are cordially invited to participate in a survey that aims at evaluating the use and relevance of Water Safety Plans or any similar risk management practice used by water utilities around the world to face the challenges posed by the COVID-19 crisis.

 This survey is part of a study led by scientific researchers from Polytechnique Montreal (Canada), University of Alberta (Canada), IHE Delft Institute for Water Education (The Netherlands), KWR Watercycle Research Institute (The Netherlands) and Water Futures (Australia).

 You are entirely free to consent to participate in this survey. Participation should require approximately 10-15 minutes of your time. You can access the survey in English, French or Spanish by clicking here or on the link below and consenting to participate after reviewing the information in the consent form.

 The survey will be available for two weeks under this link:


 We thank you in advance for your time and collaboration!