Key WSP Resources
Key WHO and IWA resources to guide WSP development and implementation

Global Guidance
Guidance materials developed by WHO and IWA to support water safety planning activities

Country-specific Guidance
WSP guidance materials that have been developed for a particular country

Training Materials
WSP training materials developed for global, regional and national contexts

WSP Templates
Templates for WSP development and implementation, which may be adapted to suit a specific context

Auditing / Verification
Guidance to support verifying the effectiveness of a WSP, including auditing activities

Hazard ID / Risk Assessment
Guidance for identification of hazards and hazardous events in a water supply system, and for the subsequent risk assessment and prioritization

Literature / Case Studies
Materials to support WSP activities, including papers, presentations, journal articles and case studies

Advocacy / Impact Assessment
Materials to promote the benefits of WSPs and to provide guidance on how to measure their impact

Policies, Standards Regulations
Examples of policy and regulatory instruments (including drinking-water quality standards) to support the creation of an enabling environment for WSP

Climate Resilience
Guidance on the integration of climate resilience into WSP activities

Management Procedures
Guidance on the development of WSP management procedures, including standard operating procedures and emergency response plans